Alexa Nichols, 27, was sworn into the bar in a special ceremony by U.S. Representative Mike Conaway Monday at the O.C. Fisher Federal Building in San Angelo, TX.

"I studied all summer for the bar, had a few meltdowns, but I made it through found out I passed, it's all good now," Nichols said.

But she didn't get to where she is now without a few obstacles thrown in her path.

"I don't have use of my hands and limited use of my arms,"

At the age of 17 years old she severely injured her spinal chord while diving into a friend's backyard pool, she said. The injury left her a quadriplegic.

"Going from independent to all the way to relying on people to get dressed to do regular activities it took a while to get adjusted, but I relied heavily on my faith, my family was a great support system for me," she said.

Nichols has since graduated from Angelo State University and then going on to attend the Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law.

She's also worked at our country's capitol as an intern.

Congressman Conaway says, her attitude and courage keep him moving forward.

"She's just all about putting together a career and life that she has in front of her and it's just inspiring in the extreme to see a young woman do what's she done," Conaway said.

Nichols says, it was her faith that kept her strong through the hard times.

"There are bad days, but I just have to put on my happy faces," Nichols said. "Sometimes you have to force yourself to have a good attitude, but whatever bad things may come the next day is a new day and things can always get better."