SAN ANGELO — “The play itself was actually written as an all-female cast,” Texas Leadership Charter Academy Theatre teacher Sherran Taff said.

Joshua Little, a student at TLCA, has been acting for four years and has played numerous roles, such as the Big Bad Wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, Uncle Fester on “The Addams Family” and a homosexual male in another production. But he feels he has not had the same opportunity as his female classmates when it came to this year’s leading role in the One-Act play.

“To not have the opportunity to try out for a leading role is unfair,” Little said.

Little said he would be willing to show his abilities in playing any lead role in the upcoming production.

“If you put me in a part I will play it to the best of my abilities whether it’s a female, a homosexual, a grandma, a grandpa, an animal - I would do any role. I want to be the best I can be and be given the opportunity,” Little said.

Joshua's mother, Katherine, explained how her son could be missing out on more than just a play

“Especially the seniors who receive scholarship on their acting roles,” Katherine said.

But according to Taff, every student had a fair shot.

“We hosted auditions already and we had boys readings for girls parts, it certainly was not allowed, they hop right up there and gave it their all, but as far as casting goes you often see girls in boys parts and vice versa,” Taff said.

Additionally, Taff said she went over and beyond to modify the all-female script to give males an equal opportunity to be a part of the play.

“I got special permission from the author and One-Act play at the state level to incorporate six male parts into it,” Taff said.

Little said he wouldn’t mind playing another part, but it’s center stage that could set him up for a bright future.

Whoever lands the leading role, male or female, Taff promises the play will deliver a powerful message.