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Tips on protecting kids from drowning after twin toddlers die

Two-year-old twins have died after a tragic accident in Sterling, Va. over the weekend.

On Monday, a GoFundMe page shows the sweet faces of the twins, Kaydan and Liam.

On Saturday, their mother, Brittany Amos found them in the pool after she had fallen asleep. Their death is a reminder to us all about the dangers of a pool.

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"The pool fence is more to keep people out then to keep people in, so the children within the house are not guarded by the fence," said Roger Littlefield with MC Fences.

Littlefield has been installing pool fences for years and says most companies like his, follow the national B.O.C.A. code.

BOCA says the fence has to be at least four feet tall and any gaps in between the fencing has to be small enough where little feet can't get in there to climb over the fence.

A Loudoun County ordinance found on the government's web site says the fence needs to be at least 6 feet tall. MC Fences says each county has different details when it comes to pool fence requirements.

Littlefield recommends, while not required by law, to use door and pool alarms and even build an additional fence if your pool is in a large area.