ABILENE, Texas — Because of a prolonged and future-anticipated change in the recycling market, Abilene’s collector and distributor of recyclable materials, Texas Metals and Recycling Company, will no longer accept plastic and glass materials.

As a result, the City of Abilene has no point of distribution for plastic and glass recyclables, and will no longer be able to accept those materials at its recycling collection centers.

Wednesday, July 31, will be the final day to drop off plastic and glass recyclables at city and neighborhood recycling centers.

In a press release, the City stated it will continue to monitor the glass recycling market, and work to reinstate glass recycling if there is a proven cost-effective program for that re-purposed material.

Additional receptacles for the collection of cardboard recyclables will be made available at city and neighborhood recycling centers as the market continues to show a demand for the material.