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With caffeine and faith, Joy Jammer's Java serves coffee to the San Angelo community

This week's Food Truck Friday features a beverage truck for the first time.
Credit: Morgan McGrath

SAN ANGELO, Texas — For 20 years, Robyn Bright had one goal in mind: to start her own coffee shop. 

A Carlsbad resident, Bright originally wanted to open up a "hut" in the San Angelo community but instead, she found a food truck for sale from a friend.

Two years ago in June 2021, Bright's lifelong vision finally became a reality when she opened Joy Jammer's Java, a traveling coffee truck. 

Even before opening up, she had a title for the truck in mind. 

"Way back then, I had the name Joy Jammer [on AOL]," Bright said. "And I always loved it and people kept telling me, 'No, that's too big of a name,'" she added. 

Despite what others said, Bright decided to stick with the name she loved from the very beginning and she started the truck with her husband and other family members. 

At the start of the business, the truck parked outside of Angelo Bible Church, where finding customers was originally a struggle. 

After awhile, though, Joy Jammer's began to thrive and Bright credits much of her success to her religious faith. 

"I attribute everything to the Lord," she said. "And so I really give him credit for everything because I know that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him."

In fact, each drink comes with a sticker on the back featuring a unique Bible verse and customers have the chance to "jump for Jesus" off the back of the truck.

"I only have that joy, I know that, because it's the joy that he gives me and I couldn't do it without that," Bright said. 

After all, for many customers, the first person they might see in their day is Bright, so it's important to create the best customer experience possible. 

Credit: Morgan McGrath

The truck offers food options like brisket, croissant sandwiches and cinnamon rolls as well as a wide variety of coffee, tea and Italian soda. 

They also partner with San Angelo bakeries to sell pastries throughout the week, as well.

"Of course, our big favorite is Jumpin' for Jesus. It's caramel, and it's a salted caramel and regular caramel, then we do a Lavender Love, a Mocha Kiss, a White Mocha Hug, all kinds of fun different things," Bright said. 

After nearly two years in business, Bright hopes to keep her dream alive.

Go to joyjammersjava to find menu, locations and more. 

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