Local businesses across West Texas are being impacted by COVID-19 from people staying home and not being able to go out and shop. 

During this time, businesses are struggling by not having customers able to come in store as frequently. Most are turning to social media to connect with customers and sell.

Tracey Joyner, the owner of Halftime Sports in Abilene says her store has continued to push more posts on social media.

"We have seen a decrease as far as foot traffic but we have seen an increase in people going to our Facebook page to buy."

Another local business owner of the Beef Jerky Outlet, Mark Delgado is trying to supports other local businesses as much as he can on social media.

"What I started doing was posting highlights of two small local businesses in town on our store Facebook page."

He added, "it's a snowball affect and it's what we need here in our small community in Abilene."

While this is a difficult time for owners and workers from all over, it's important to continue to support one another and stick together in the midst of adversity.

"There is enough small business owners, if we band together we can get through rather than operating independent," Delgado added.