Drivers are backed up at local gas stations waiting to fill up.
They’re concerned that gas could run out at the pumps in the near future.
Our Sally Jaramillo is tracking the panic and concern this gas shortage is creating.

Not a typical sight in San Angelo.

San Angelo Resident Carissa Rice said, “trying to get gas, my gas is on e and I need to get gas before it runs out."

Driving waiting and waiting some more.

San Angelo Resident Michael Avila said, "I'm filling up my gas cause my gf said that San Angelo is running out of gas so I figured I just topped off I’m not too worried as long as people just don't panic I’m ok.”

There’s also concern gas prices could continue to spike.

"I heard we are running out then I heard we are not then I heard gas prices were going to go up so I don't know” Rice said.

"I think prices will go up if not later today then after". Avila said.

The fear doesn’t stop here.

" I think there is a panic yes because I think stripes has already shut down we have multiple gas stations already saying that they are out of gas , people lining up right here and people freaking out”, Avila said.

"not really fear just kind of little worried hopefully we don't cause I heard we get our oil from big springs not even Houston so I don't know ha-ha”, Rice said.

The Emergency management coordinator issued a statement saying quote “there’s no need to panic”.