After the desperate three and a half month search for Pecos, the orange kitten, he is finally reunited with his family.

Owner Katie Bennett said getting the word out about the lost kitten was her main goal.

"We spent a pretty penny on the billboards but it was worth it, and I would have spend twice as much if it would bring him home," Bennett said.

On April 4, Pecos went missing but Bennett said she never lost faith that she would never be reunited with her orange companion.

"We never gave up hope and we prayed every night and prayed everyday and put up the billboard that said please pray for Pecos to get home soon because i believe in the power of prayer and i just truly believe that's what got him home," Bennett said.

During Pecos's hiatus, he'd found salvation at a cowboy's home, Travis. Bennett said Travis had told her the kitten had been coming to his house for about a week and a half, eating.

Bennett knew she had found Pecos.

Bennett said, "He put his little head under my arms like this and he always did that."