“If you want to have a screwed-up state with a bunch of potholes, go ahead. That’s insane.”

California Governor Jerry Brown is leading a pack of states raising their gas tax this year.

“States across the country are facing infrastructure issues. Their roads and bridges are aging.”

The federal government first imposed a penny a gallon gas tax in 1932. Now it’s 18 cents, but it hasn’t increased in 24 years.

With gas prices exceedingly low, 28 states raised their gas tax in the last five years to an average of 31 cents a gallon.

The lowest? Alaska at 12 cents. Pennsylvania is the highest, at 59 cents, followed by California, at a soon-to-be 58 cents.

“If one or two of these lawmakers are removed over this horrendous tax increase that will send a message to the others.”

In California, 58 percent of voters oppose Gov. Brown’s tax increase. Watch what happens when a top Democratic official confronted those gathering signatures to recall a gas tax supporter:

“Oh, come off it. You are whoring yourself out for an hourly wage in collecting signatures.”

“Help us stand up to bullies. Sign the petition.”

“Get your s--- out of here.”

“Help us stand up to bullies. Sign the petition.”

“Get this stuff out of here.”

When gas topped $4 a gallon, a federal tax increase was political suicide. Now, a bipartisan group in the House, the Chamber of Commerce and labor all support the tax increase – something the president said in May even he’d consider.