It's Make a Difference Monday, and you know what that means...good news!! Our Senora Scott takes us to a local boot shop where a special pair of boots were made for a local veteran.

An act of kindness combined with a labor of love resulted in a gift for a veteran who fought for us all.

"I was in the Air Force, my main deal was nuclear weapons and lasers. Titan 2 weapons system. I was electronics and launch control and check out," Vietnam Veteran Scott Morris said.

Now, Vietnam veteran Scott Morris is trading his well worn work boots for a pair cowboy boots. But not just any boots. They're custom made by Kyle Brock - the owner of Mercer's Boots, and were sponsored by Brandon Moore.

"It's such an honor and I'm not, I'm just another guy who did a job. I really thought someone else deserved this more than me. Thank you,” Morris said.

Scott learned about the gift at the Sonrisas event called Boots, Buckles and Pearls held back in April. At that time, Scott had just recently gotten involved with Sonrisas. Working with horses served as a form of therapy, helping him deal with some issues he had after coming back from the war.

"It's just me and the horse you know,” Morris said.

And it didn't take long for him and his new four legged friend, rusty, to hit it off.

"And I'm ok when I'm out there,” Morris said.

Speaking of hitting it off; when it comes to building boots, Kyle said he and the recipient really get to know each other.

"We had a very long talk. I love my freedom, and he's part of the reason we are free and so that just makes you put your heart and soul into building something for someone,” bootmaker and owner of Mercer’s Boots Kyle Brock said.

A moment for him that never gets old, revealing the final product. However when it came to this particular pair, that moment was unmatched.

"We did good,” Brock said.

If you're interested in learning more about the veterans riding program at Sonrisas, call them at (325) 949-4837.