It's Make a Difference Monday and we've got some behind the scenes footage to show you of the volunteers who make the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo possible.

Major events like the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo don't just happen overnight. It takes a village to put it all together, but a lot of times you won't see the people who make up that village. That's because, they're in places like this. Underneath the coliseum, behind the chutes, or never standing still. Though they may go unseen, that village has a pretty large population.

"We have over 1,000 volunteers who work at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo every year. The we get volunteers from Goodfellow. Then we have people who drive in from ranches 50, 60, 70 miles away, just to spend their time here just to make sure it's good,” Marketing Director for the SASSRA Tom Thompson said.

"My name is Corey Owens and I volunteer to give back to the youth."

"We set lifts in the coliseum, we set pyro. when you look at things we do to get things done, it's just amazing,” Thompson said.

"Hi my name is Cole Hardin and I volunteer because the people her are amazing to me. They've devoted their lives to making this one of the top rodeos in the nation."

"You can't fathom the amount of duties that go on things that go from day to day operations, like parking, getting people to the handicapped section, we couldn’t do it without volunteers,” Thompson said.

"My name is Elise Merz and I volunteer because I want the cowboys to come to the rodeo and know they're welcome and have a hot meal."

"We have a staff of about nine people but I'd stack our volunteers against any other rodeo in the state of Texas. We have more people who make this one of the smoothest run rodeos in the country. you just can’t thank them all enough and it literally just makes you want to cry when you think about all they've done to make this one of the best rodeos in the nation,” Thompson said.

"I'm Jeremy Bartz and I volunteer because this is one of the biggest economic boost to the city and I just love doing it."

"I'm Chase Weishuhn and I volunteer to keep the rodeo going."

If we want the world to change, we have to be the ones who change it. So how are you making a difference?