If there's one thing Texas is known for, it's taking pride in our state and taking care of fellow Texans. Our Senora Scott has ways you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in her Make A Difference Monday segment.

Texans are taking care of their own as the southern portion of the Lone Star State is still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

There are many drop off points in San Angelo:
• Primera Church at 23 West Avenue J is collecting water and diapers.
• The First United Methodist Church is collecting cleaning supplies. They'll be collecting supplies until September 3rd.
• The Grape Creek Volunteer Fire Department has partnered with the San Antonio food bank and is accepting donations for the next four days.
• Celebration Church.

"This bubbled up out of the hearts of the people in our church,” Senior Pastor Brandon Clark said.

Right before this interview, senior pastor Brandon Clark had an interaction with a victim in the store.
She saw the large amount of food and supplies he was buying and asked about it. He told her what the church was doing.

"As a hurricane victim, thank you, and she's actually displaced here in San Angelo from Corpus Christi. It's just everywhere,” Clark said.

Clark says he's got at least 5 people ready to take the trailers of supplies as soon as their ready. His advice to those who want to donate:

"The concept is if you found yourself all of a sudden displaced, like on a 2 or 3 day trip, what's the stuff you'd need with you? Some basic change of clothes, some food, and some basic hygiene products,” Clark said.

Even if you can't donate, Clark says there is one thing everyone can do. Lift the state and its people up in prayer. Prayer and the relief efforts themselves - a welcomed sight in the midst of tragedy.

"Good ol' Texas hospitality and compassion showed up,” Clark said.

If we want the world to change, we have to be the ones who change it. So how are you making a difference?