Our Senora Scott is back from San Diego, California and has lots of stories to tell. She was invited, along with more than 50 teachers and counselors from Texas and beyond, to the Marine Educators Workshop. She shares why one Lake View graduate decided to join the Marines

San Angelo lake view graduate Diego Mar knew what he wanted to do at 18 years old. He joined the Marines.

"I wanted to join the marines because this branch out of all the branches is more professional and more challenging,” Mar said.

Another reason he signed the dotted line;

"I wanted to get started on trying to make a career,” Mar said.

He and dozens of other recruits got started right away.

"It sparked motivation to impact young men's lives,” Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Julian Taylor said.

When senior drill instructor Julian Taylor joined the Marines, he never saw himself in that position, then one day he volunteered.

"It's a very, very good experience to affect people's lives because we're not just making marines we're making better civilians when they come out too,” Sgt. Taylor said.

He says it made him realize what his drill instructors went through and how much of an impact they could make.

We just got a small taste of the shock and awe processing portion. This method puts every recruit on the same playing field. It's the beginning of their 13 weeks of training, which takes them from civilians to Marines. Something Diego knew would benefit him.

“Have a better life in general instead of just staying home and doing nothing,” Mar said.