New court documents released Thursday show Timothy Dwelle, 58, admitted to murdering Patricia Ford.

The Abilene Police Department arrested Dwelle for the murder of Ford, who was reported missing September 2016, Wednesday.

"They had known each other for several years,” Sgt. Kevin Ohnheiser, with Abilene Police said. “They've had a relationship for quite a while."

Documents show Ford's daughter recorded a conversation with Dwelle where he admitted to killing Ford with a cleaver.

"The house on South 17th [street] was his property where he lived,” Sgt. Ohnheiser said.

At this residence, court documents show, Ford had been killed and was buried under the house where police found skeletal remains of a human foot.

“Those right now are at a lab for DNA analysis,” Sgt. Ohnheiser said.

Documents also show, Dwelle said he made a notch in the rocking chair Patricia Ford was sitting in when he hit her.

In an email to KXVA, police say they know what led up to murder but will not release a motive at this time.