A Mexican man was arrested on Sunday night at the Ysleta Port of Entry after trying to smuggle almost $700,000 into Mexico.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) say the man claimed he didn’t have any money to declare, but when agents searched his car, they found wads of cash hidden behind a speaker.

“The currency was found in a large speaker that was operable. It’s easy to let it go because we are used to seeing these large speakers. In this case, the officer was vigilant, talked to him a little longer, decided it was time to send it into secondary [inspection] and that’s how it was found.”

Jauregui says some of the money that’s seized is profit for drug cartels. He says it’s important for agents to make money seizures because it disrupts the criminal organization’s business.

“That’s money they can’t use to buy guns, to buy more narcotics.”

Travelers can bring as much money as they want across the border, but they have to declare amounts over $10,000.

Although some people who don’t declare money are criminals, Jauregui says some are bringing money back for family and business and don’t know they have to declare.