A 25-year-old San Angelo man is robbed at gunpoint and it all started with a message on Facebook.

San Angelo police say they got the call just before 11 on Saturday morning.

The victim said he was selling a gaming system and was going to meet up with 26 year old Alejandro or Alex Olvera who was going to buy it.

During that exchange in the Super Mercado parking lot Olvera allegedly pulled a gun on the victim then ran away.

It was through Facebook that police were able to find Olvera.

He was arrested and booked into the Tom Green County jail on Saturday night and charged with aggravated robbery.

No one was injured.

  • Police have a few tips when it comes to meeting people if you're selling something online.
  • Meet in a well-lit public area that have working surveillance cameras.

  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash you can use services like PayPal.

Also avoid meeting the buyer or the seller alone.

Bring friends or family members with you.