A crowded room of people anxiously awaited getting a tattoo Thursday at Absolute Ink.

Many coming in and out of the room as they purchased a $20 Texas-themed tattoo to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"Maria and I were talking about the tattoos and the money going toward the Hurricane victims," Mary Thorp, teacher, said.

Thorp and a group of her fellow co-workers decided to join in on the cause and all get a tattoo.

"I know a lot of people in the Houston area," Morgan Crim, teacher, said. "My step-sister and her family had their house damaged in the Hurricane," she said.

The shop, co-owned by Alena Creamer and Savy Wright, often conduct $20 specials, but this particular event raises funds for the relief effort.

The shop raised $1,400, those proceeds will go toward purchasing particular items.

"What we're wanting to supply are toiletries, cat food, dog food, baby products, things that a lot of people don't think to purchase," Creamer said.

The shop will be taking donations for those interested in helping and giving back.

The donations will go to St. Paul Presbyterian Church who will ensure the items go to victims who need it the most.