With 42 percent of San Angelo renters being "cost burdened," the city is offering advice on different programs it offers to help combat the issue.

With the cost of living going up in San Angelo, the city said more residents are dealing with cost burden.

"42 percent of renters here in San Angelo pay more than 30 percent of their income towards housing," said Bob Salas, director of Neighborhood and Family Services for the city of San Angelo.

21% of homeowners are also experiencing cost burden. Salas believed part of the issue is a wage problem.

"Our salaries, our incomes are not competitive..they don't compete with other parts of the state," Salas said.

To determine if you are apart of that percentage, divide your monthly income by your rent or mortgage payment.

"For example, f you make a thousand dollars a month and 300 dollars goes towards housing, you are tax burdened," Salas said.

The city knows this is a growing issue and they are trying to fix the issue. The are currently competing with developers on the state level to win tax credits.

"Only one in the region win...they can develop and provide and increase that affordable housing," Salas said.

There are currently six housing projects being proposed by the city:

  • Glen Park,, at 4001 S. Chadbourne St.,
  • Meadow Falls, 4665 Southland Blvd.
  • Balcones Flats, 913 W. 33rd St.,
  • The Trails, 2600 Era St., 72 units,
  • Cherry Trails, on Appaloosa Trails behind The BLVD Apartments
  • Twohig Plaza, 201 S. Chadbourne St.

Salas said this is a good option for residents, by he added that the city tries to act as a safety net.

"If you make your payments on a regular basis, and all of as sudden a life event happens….. we have a program that can help," Salas said.

The city will be having a public forum to discuss this issue and more. It will be on February 1st at 6pm at the Mcnease Convention Center.