SAN ANGELO — Security camera photos posted by a local homeowner showing a naked man wandering around the home's porch, wearing only shoes and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask are going viral.

San Angelo homeowner, George Gallegos, posted the still photos from his home's security camera Tuesday morning, showing the would-be intruder wandering around the home's porch area. The video, recorded late Monday night, shows the man trying to gain entry into the home.

"I received an alert that someone was trying to get into the home," Gallegos said in a telephone interview.


Gallegos said he contacted the San Angelo Police Department immediately, but the man was gone by the time police arrived at the scene.

According to SAPD Public Information Officer, Tracy Gonzalez, an online report was received from Gallegos for indecent exposure on Monday.

Then, he received another alert early Tuesday to someone being on the property. Once he reviewed the security video, Gallegos realized the man on the porch was not only trying to enter the home; he was pleasuring himself while on the property.

Gallegos said he posted the photos onto social media, asking people to share it, in hopes that it would help find the man.

"If it goes viral, the person might see himself and will know it's all on camera and get scared; and that it won't happen again," Gallegos said.

A couple of years ago, Gallegos home was broken into and through the amount of shares, that suspect was identified by the public within two hours.

"I was kind of hoping I'd have the same luck this time," he said. "I'm hoping with the video, we could spread the word even more."

So far, with this week's video, there has been no such luck, possibly because the suspect was wearing a mask.

"I just want to let folks know that there's someone out there doing this. The risk of doing this is exciting to this person," Gallegos said. "He's tried it twice. He's risking getting caught. He's totally nude. That's kind of scary."

The masked, naked would-be bandit appears to be an isolated incident, as no similar reports have been filed, according to police.

If you have any information leading to the identity of the suspect, contact the San Angelo Police Department.