Imagine having your entire life's perspective change within seconds.

That's what happened for a Florida grandfather after opening a gift from his children.

"My dad and his sisters all pitched in to give him the EnChroma glasses for his 66th birthday," Carson Stafford said in the video he uploaded to YouTube.

With the aptly titled slogan, 'Glasses for the blind,' EnChroma glasses were discovered in 2010 by Don McPherson who has a Ph.D in glass science.

"(McPherson) noticed certain color transformations when he wore his lab glasses, coated with a special lens formula he had invented for laser surgery eye protection," EnChroma's website says. "Clinical trials of the early prototypes revealed that the lenses had benefits serving as an optical aid to the color blind."

According to their website, EnChroma began selling their life-changing glasses in 2012 and have been transforming perspectives ever since, including the life of our now-favorite Florida grandfather.

The video of the touching moment has been shared across all social media platforms and gained over 50 million views on Facebook.

Watch it here: