The earthquake that struck Cushing, Oklahoma is proving to be more damaging than originally thought.

The 5.0 quake did a number to homes like Levi Peaslee’s. You can clearly see the cracked brick and busted pipes — much more than just superficial aesthetics.

The earthquake was more than a week ago, but some people still haven’t been allowed back into their homes downtown.

Dozens of businesses experienced some kind of damage. Many of them are owned by those same residents who can’t go home yet.

Nearly 30 homeowners have reported the damage to officials — and that number is expected to rise, especially as representatives from the state’s insurance department were in Cushing Monday to hear from residents.

“Almost every wall has cracking throughout the entire building. We have brick walls in there, so a lot of the mortar has shaken loose. I mean, we had to sweep up a whole trashcan of mortar, so we know that there’s cracking going on.”

No one was seriously injured in the earthquake.