Bath & Body Works re-released eight scents for its semi-annual sale.

The fragrance and bathing company announced on Instagram that cucumber melon, dark kiss, coconut lime breeze, wild honeysuckle, plumeria, cashmere glow, mad about you and juniper breeze would be available during its sale.

The scents are available in candles, body lotions, hand soaps, perfume sprays and other products. 

The sale ends next Friday, January 18 and is available online and in stores. It includes select hand soaps for $3, select body care items for $3.95 and select wallflower fragrance refills for $3.50, among other deals.

Bath & Body Works regularly discontinues fragrances, and some commenters online expressed their disappointment that their favorite scents weren’t coming back.

“I wish you’d bring back Cool Citrus Basil!” said one Instagram user, _medassist08_.

“Can you bring back endless weekend?” said another Instagram user, k3nna.x10. “I bought that a while ago and I’ve been trying to not use it but I’m literally about to be gone. It smells so good.”

Others rejoiced that they would finally be able to stock up on their scent.

“Cashmere glow!!! Please keep it for good!!!” said bryzy17 in an Instagram comment.