Cheese lovers rejoice! Chipotle is finally adding queso to the menus of all its locations across the U.S.

The company announced Tuesday that it'll begin serving up the all-natural cheesy goodness nationwide on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

While Chipotle's founder said queso has been the number one most requested menu item, they never added it because they didn't want to use the 'industrial additives used in most quesos.'

“Additives make typical queso very consistent and predictable, but are not at all in keeping with our food culture. Our queso may vary slightly depending on the characteristics of the aged cheddar cheese used in each batch, but using only real ingredients is what makes our food so delicious,” said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and CEO at Chipotle.

Chipotle's queso is made from several ingredients including aged cheddar cheese, tomatillos, tomatoes, and several varieties of peppers.

Starting Sept. 12 customers can add queso to their entrees or get it with chips on the side. Prices will range from $1.25 to add it to an entree to $5.25 for a large side order, according to the company's announcement.

Chipotle has even dedicated a section of its website just for the new offering. You can visit for more info and to see if it's already available in your state.