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Could beer help you land your dream job? Natty Light thinks so

Natural Light will put someone's resume on its #37 car during a NASCAR race.

For some college graduates, the days of drinking way too much Natural Light at tailgates might be a thing of the past. But the beer brand wants to win people back by helping with the job search.

Natty Light, a cheap beer popular among college students, wants to put one lucky person's resume on the #37 car during a NASCAR race.

"Ever seen a resume go 200 mph? Neither have we, but we're tired of them going unnoticed by HR suits," said the brand in a tweet on Monday.

They haven't said which NASCAR race the resume will appear in, but it will be broadcast on national TV and possibly be viewed by millions.

Anyone interested should send their resumes to NattyRaceResume@anheuser-busch.com.

This isn't the first time the beer brand is giving back to its college-aged consumers.

During the 2018 Super Bowl, the beer brand ran an ad offering $1 million to help 25 people pay off their student debt. It was broadcast in 10 regions with large universities in an attempt to reach college students.