The Class of 2019 at one Alabama high school will always remember their graduation, thanks to an unexpected special guest. 

As Horseshoe Bend High School's valedictorian was giving his speech at their graduation ceremony, Charlie, who local media described as "a local dog" that "everyone loves," decided to wander onto the field and steal the spotlight. 

The graduates and their guests tried to hold back their laughs as Charlie made his way to one of the decorative ferns and promptly took care of some business. 

Summer McKelvey from Summer Films captured the entire hilarious scene and shared it online.

Denise Walls told WSFA that Charlie belongs to her sister's family, who lives right down the road and "Charlie is at the school almost every day." Her nephew can also be seen in the video covering his face with his hands. 

Dog crashes high school graduation and their reactions
The Horseshoe Ben High School Class of 2019 try to hold it together as a dog crashes their graduation ceremony.
Summer Films/Summer McKelvey

And to the valedictorian's credit, despite a slight pause in the middle they kept on giving their speech. 

I think we know at least one topic of conversation for their future class reunions. 

'Charlie' high school graduation
A dog named Charlie made quite the scene at one Alabama High School's graduation ceremony.
Summer Films - Summer McKelvey