You're a step closer to being able to keep your laptop and liquids in your bag while going through airport security thanks to technology improvements. That could mean faster lines in the not-too-distant future.

Bloomberg Government reports the Transportation Security Administration signed a contract last week for 300 new computed tomography (CT) machines which will be placed at airports that have yet to be disclosed. The new machines will cost $97 million.

The scanners, which have been tested at a handful of airports for the past two years, create a 3D image of what's in your bag, according to Bloomberg. That means they can be programmed to look for those items you've had to remove since 9/11.

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The plan is to have more than 2,000 scanners set up in the next eight years, Bloomberg reports.

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A TSA officer checks baggage at Miami International Airport in Miami, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)