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Verified GoFundMe pages for family of UPS driver killed in Florida shootout

Here are the verified ways you can help the family of a Florida UPS driver killed during a shootout between police and two armed robbers.

Two verified GoFundMe pages have been set-up to support the family of Frank Ordonez, the 27-year-old UPS driver killed after armed robbers stole his truck in South Florida and got in a shootout with police. 

GoFundMe confirmed they are working with the campaign organizers of the two verified pages below to make sure the money reaches Ordonez's family.

Frank Ordonez Fund - GoFundMe

Frank Ordonez GoFundMe

One fund was set up in memory of Ordonez by a UPS driver in New York and the other was established by Ordonez's brother, Roy. 

Together the campaigns have already raised more than $120,000, well surpassing their initial $30,000 goal.

While only two campaigns have been verified by the family, eight different fundraisers appeared on the site Friday evening when you type in "frank ordonez." 

"When there’s an unspeakable tragedy, people have a deep urge to help and provide comfort to those affected - it’s not uncommon to see multiple GoFundMes to help another individual after a news report, as in this case. GoFundMe has a dedicated Trust & Safety team reviewing all campaigns related to the tragedy," GoFundMe said in a statement to TEGNA. 

In case there are possible fraudulent accounts, the GoFundMe Guarantee ensures funds will go to the right place.

Credit: Frank Ordonez
Frank Ordonez seen in his UPS uniform.

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According to authorities, two cousins, identified as Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome Hill, robbed a jewelry store Thursday and seized Ordonez's UPS truck before firing at pursuing officers who eventually shot the robbers. 

UPS told CBS Miami that Ordonez had been with the company for five years, but it was his first day driving the truck.

Ordonez was not the only victim in the shootout. An innocent bystander, who has not yet been identified, died after possibly being hit by a bullet fired by police.