SAN ANGELO, TX — Our Senora Scott attended the flag raising ceremony at the San Angelo Police Department and spoke to some local law enforcement officers about what that ceremony meant to them.

"It brings to mind the sacrifices that each officer gives each day and the dedication they perform in their duties each day," Sheriff David Jones said.

"There's nothing more that I can say or do than a military man who goes over there and fights overseas to protect his country, or a law enforcement officer that is protecting his community. So for me this is very emotional, but I'm honored to be able to stand in front of the public and everybody else for this type of ceremony,” San Angelo Police Chief Frank Carter said.

"Ultimately we just want support. We go out there every day without hesitation, serving and protecting. Our priority is the citizens and making sure that we do a just job,” SSgt. Justin Baker with the Department of Public Safety said.

An excerpt from a prayer lead by SAPD Chaplain Gary Jenkins: “We ask you in Jesus's name to preserve and protect them from all danger, harm, and evil, seen and unseen. Bless them when they rise up in the morning and bless them when they lay down at night. These things we ask in Jesus's name. Let everyone say 'amen,’”