ST. LOUIS — As many Americans work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, some habits may have changed., which is a provider of treatment resources and everything linked to alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, conducted a study of 3,000 employees working from home across the U.S. to find out how many are drinking.

The study found that 1 in 3 Americans are more likely to drink during work hours while operating from home as compared to working in their typical workspace.

The study is broken down by state – 67% of residents in Hawaii are the most likely to drink at home during working hours, the study found. Arkansans are the least likely.

According to its map, 32% of Missouri workers are drinking alcohol at home during working hours and 23% of Illinois workers are drinking alcohol at home during working hours.

According to, one fifth (22%) of Americans said they have stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation over other food and drink items during the pandemic.

“When faced with adversity, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, many may look to alcohol to alleviate their stress as it numbs emotions. Particularly if confined to your home with less work to do than usual, it can be tempting to grab a glass – or bottle – of your favorite wine. In fact, 35% of Americans say they are likely to drink more alcohol while self-isolating. Broken down by gender, this figure was found to be 29% of men as compared to 34% of women,” wrote on its website.

Beer seems to be the drink most likely to be consumed during the pandemic, according to Thirty-eight percent said they drank beer, 26% said they drank cocktails, 21% said they drank wine and 15% said they drank straight spirits.

At the end of March, the Associated Press reported that alcohol sales surged amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the week ending of March 21, sales rose 55%.

If you find yourself or anyone in your household drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism too often, you can click here to find resources


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