SAN ANGELO, TX — The report says the investigation started with a cyber tip from the national center for missing and exploited children. Then the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office got a search warrant and contacted Cardenas.

The report says that he told the investigator that he didn't download or look at any of the images for over a year. However, a forensic search found that the most recent files had been added in February of this year.

Those files coming from the dark web and a page dedicated to group discussions for people who are attracted to children.

The report describes the files found in a Drop Box, or online storage site, belonging to Cardenas.

There were videos and pictures of children ranging in age. The oldest being around 15, the youngest, 6-years-old. The videos ranged from about 30 seconds long to about 12 minutes long.

The children being made to perform sexual acts by themselves, with each other, or with an adult.

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