Texas laws are in for some changes. Our senora Scott tells us about a few of the new laws to hit the books across the Lone Star State.

No more. That's what the new texting and driving law says. Texas joins 46 other states who have officially nixed texting and driving.

And drivers for ride-share companies, like Uber and Lyft, you no longer have to get fingerprinted before going to work behind the wheel. You will still be subject to annual background checks though.

Something else causing a stir, Texans can now carry blades longer than 5 and a half inches. Machetes and swords are ok to take out in public but they aren't allowed in some areas: Churches, polling places, hospitals, jails, amusement parks, sporting events, and bars.

These restrictions are similar to gun laws in Texas. Gun and speaking of that, it will now cost you less to get and renew your license to carry. The fees went from $140 to $40 dollars for new license holders and from $70 to $40 to renew your license.