SAN ANGELO, TX — “Ava” is a silicon bracelet designed to wear at night that monitors changes in hormones.

The device aims to tell women when they are most fertile.

“When you are trying to get pregnant there is so many things that you need to do and so many things that can be stressful we just tried to make a device that is as easy as possible and helps you understand when you are fertile and that’s it,” says the CEO of the device.

We asked the CEO of the hi-tech bracelet exactly how it detects fertility windows.

Lea Von bibber said, “You wear this during the night and with that information we track hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle and that really allows us to be able to detect your fertile days in real time”

The company just celebrated 10,000 pregnancies from women using the fertility device.

Pediatrician Hector Garcia tells us that he sees families battling with infertility often.

Dr. Hector Garcia said, “The big thing about infertility is that it’s a huge problem it’s something that you can’t see and something that is really hard to track and something that is really hard for families and for couples.”

There are many alternative methods when it comes to pregnancy - but the trouble with tracking fertility is that nothing is guaranteed.

Garcia said, “No matter how much or how accurate you think you are it’s always an estimate. There is no true 100% way to know hey I am ovulating at this exact moment.”

No matter which method a family chooses... Dr. Garcia says there's nothing like seeing them get the news that they have successfully conceived.

Garcia told us, “When they finally get there when they finally get that baby it’s just the best moment ever now after you have gone through infertility it’s just that much greater.”

The Ava fertility tracker costs around $250.