Cia Rangel is a Central High School senior, who has been making a name for herself with a bow and arrow.

The skill sets of archery not only help in the field of hunting, but also hold true as a sport.  

“It’s definitely hard at first, I really had to work at it, I actually gave up the first time I really tried it,” Rangel said.  

Rangel said, at first, she was frustrated but afterwards the sounds and feelings that archery bring can be addictive.  

“It's a rush, I really enjoy it especially the hunting aspect of it a lot of people get into target archery and so once you feel the arrow fly for the first time it’s a really neat experience,” she said.  

She first picked up a bow and arrow at 11, and now is a competing archer. She has even gained the attention at San Angelo Central high school.

“My principal is super supportive of me, so I kind of do represent my school of when I go shoot,” she said.  

She also said there are some misconceptions to the sport.

“A lot of people when I first tell them, think I am running through the woods with a wooden stick and an arrow and it’s definitely not like that it’s a really neat sport.”

For Rangel, her next plan is to continue competing at college level with Angelo State University.