Many of us have a medicine cabinet full of medication we no longer use. Easy access to those drugs can often lead to their abuse whether it be by teenagers or adults. Now Walmart is taking a step forward against the opioid abuse crisis in America.

“What you do is you mix water with the mix that’s in there and you put the medication in and it neutralizes it and then it can be disposed of safely," said Courtney Bingham, prevention coordinator of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley.

The organization hosts a take-back several times a year to help people get rid of old medication.

"If you have extra medications laying around in the house that you don’t need and they’re still in the house, they may be more likely that you may use them when you don’t need them as much, or you may use too much," said Bingham.

The solution Walmart is offering turns your medication into a gel you can throw away right at home.

“Instead of the medication staying in the cabinets where kids or other people can get their hands on it, it gets it out of the house," said Bingham.

Bingham says a large part of why people abuse drugs is the easy access to them.

"70 percent of the youth that abuse prescription drugs get them from their home,” said Bingham.

The disposal solution is available to Walmart customers free of charge.