Rescue the Animals, SPCA received over 30 dogs Aug. 30 from the Conroe and Montgomery County shelters, as well as from the Vermillion Parish, Louisiana shelter.

Some of these dogs will leave the morning of Aug. 31 to Iowa. The team from Iowa came that morning with supplies they have collected to donate. The team will also leave with the dogs.

According to Rescue the Animals, these dogs that were rescued were originally housed in shelters prior to the hurricane flooding.

"Since these dogs were already in shelters prior to the hurricane, they have not been lost by families in the storm and will be sent to our rescue groups for adoption," according to Rescue the Animals.

They are transporting these animals from the flooded area shelters to allow room for other animals in those devastated areas.

The transport team is returning to the Houston area to pick up more animals.

Rescue the Animals in Abilene heard about the dogs from Louisiana by the internet from the shelter they were being housed in. Rescue the Animals then hopped on the opportunity to help.

They anticipate the Indiana team will arrive in Abilene in about a week to assist with animal transfers and care before taking more animals back with them to the Midwest.