There are several ways to prevent getting the flu if you haven't got your flu shot yet.

"It's been spreading through families like wildfire, " said John Canion, nurse practitioner at San Angelo Community Medical Center (SACMC). "One person in the family gets it, everyone is getting it." Canion said.

Compared to this time last year, SACMC has seen a 90 percent increase in the number of people who have tested positive for the flu. Canion has treated a variety of patients, especially those under two-years-old.

"Their immune systems are not as pronounced and not as well developed as an adult," Canion said.

SACMC has also seen a 54 percent increase in the amount of patients coming to the hospital. Canion said it is just as bad everywhere else.

"I had a student that came from Dallas today who actually told me they had 950 patients in a single day in the ER," Canion said.

Canion said there are several ways to prevent getting the flu such as handwashing and staying home when you are sick. He added that getting the flu shot is also a great way to prevent the flu.

"Even at a 33 percent got 3 out of 10 chance at not getting it," Canion said.

If you already have got the flu, Canion suggested supportive therapy.

"Home rest, Tylenol, fluids, over the counter cough medicine," Canion said.

Canion added if you need to go to the hospital, don't take your children to prevent contaminating others.

"Get someone else to watch them while you come up here," Canion said.

Canion said i after about five to seven days, you will feel better unless you have an underlying medical condition or chronic illness.