A perceived gas shortage sent drivers in a panic to the pumps.

The Office of Emergency Management told Fox News First there is no gas shortage and is untrue.

Steve Mild, emergency management coordinator, said the reality is of what was rumored was false reports by media outlets in Dallas.

"Gasoline supply pipelines between Houston refineries and a Dallas distribution center were temporarily shut down to avoid possible contamination caused by damage from Hurricane Harvey’s flooding. Those supply lines have since returned to full operations," according to the City of San Angelo.

Mild said social media helped influenced the frenzy.

He said the supply lines are in full operations and West Texas has nothing to worry about.

"It [gas] is still being distributed," He said. "We also have the refinery in Big Spring that is continuing to refine and send gas down here," Mild said.

Mild does anticipate an increase of gas prices because of closures of oil refineries in the coastal region of the state.

A select stations have increased their prices by a few cents across the Concho Valley, from $2.25 to $2.29.

"I don't look for it to be up around three or four dollars a gallon," Mild said. "In my opinion I don't think we'll make to the three dollar mark."

For a list of prices of gas station in our area click here.