ABILENE, Texas — Brad White also known as the “Piano Man” is an Abilene Native.

He attended all of his schooling in the Key City from Bonnam to Hardin Simmons.

At HSU, he was a voice major but never pursued singing, instead he went back to his church roots of playing gospel on the piano.

Like any creative soul he ventured off to Dallas and then California but then misfortune brought him back. Brad was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in 2009 and experiences seizures.

This wouldn’t be the end of a rough patch though.

“I found myself on the streets.. Found myself without a home without family that could or would do anything to help" said White.

Brad has been homeless for the last year and a half.

He lost his job, his car and the roof over his head—but the one thing that wasn’t lost was his skill.

That skill landed him the opportunity to play piano at the Abilene Mall.

Brad receives small donations, but those donations are his means of living and playing the piano is his purpose.

“When people see a homeless man, they want to see him trying to earn his living. And that is priority to me,..

"That's why you will see me here 7x a week," said White.

Brad hopes people see the human in everyone, even those on the streets, because everyone has a purpose.