The community is still reeling after the sudden death of a beloved 18 year old and a 19 year old charged with manslaughter. Our Senora Scott joins us with a closer look at the official report from authorities of what happened during that deadly shooting.

That's right, I’ve got the complaint written by a detective with SAPD. The report says: police were dispatched to the home on Edmund Boulevard where a woman told them Omar Duarte was dead in the kitchen.

Police interviewed Xavior Arzola, who waived his Miranda rights. Arzola told them he picked the handgun up off of the bar and it went off and admitted he killed the victim. Arzola also admitted to using Xanax, cocaine, and alcohol

The woman who originally met police at the scene said that she had been with Arzola earlier that night and that he had been in a fight at Angelo Place Apartments. She said he had the gun with him and was agitated even after leaving the apartments and arriving at the house on Edmund.

She told police that she along with two others, Duarte, and Arzola were in the kitchen and Arzola was displaying the gun and was trying to spin it on his finger when it went off and Duarte was shot in the head.

The report also says police found cocaine in the home in a trashcan in the kitchen.