Multiple attacks have happened around the world.
Places such as Mexico, Paris and Guam have seen violence.

While many fear traveling internationally, others aren’t as concerned.
Terror is on the rise and it has many taking extra precautions.

San Angelo Resident Brandon Whitford, said “If I were to travel internationally, I’d definitely do my research”.

But Michaela Miller always has a plan.

"I make sure everything it's backed up triple check, travel with people, and try not to stay alone”, Miller said.

Travel Agent Many Archer said "you should always be cautious there's things out there that we haven't even heard of yet."

Mandy Archer, a travel agent, says despite the attacks she hasn’t seen a difference in people leaving the country.

"I’ve seen more caution then I’ve seen a decrease in sales,” Archer said.

"Is it safe there can I go outside can I leave the resort and I’m always like yeah you can leave the resort but I always encourage you to leave do a tour that's predone,” Archer said.

While it’s important to educate yourself, Archer says typically those worries never come to light.

"Clients that have been hesitant about Mexico come back and they go omg I had worked myself up thinking it was a horrible place and they come back and they love it,” Archer said.

She says usually traveler’s biggest fear the Zika virus.
"Travel just go as long as there's not a government warning out don't live in a bubble, be careful of your surroundings, don't let that keep you from that seeing the world,” Archer said.

Good recommendations to keep you safe while traveling.