Fox’s American Grit is back for another season of challenges – offering 17 competitors a chance to prove their toughness.

“The changes on the new American Grit are more toward the transformation of the competitors. Last season on American Grit, we really tried to recruit the one percent [of] people who we could pit against each other to decide who has the most grit. And this year on American Grit, the competitors have lost their grit or lost their way, and I think it’s the best use of the military cadre to use their experience and their knowledge to give them a new lease on life,” host John Cena said.

The new mentors include four decorated military veterans.

“Honestly, I’m not looking for the big, strong person. I’m looking for someone who may lack self-confidence or has excuses, so I can help them.”

“I want to win. I hate losing. But my goal is to have four people who come and leave together with their heads held higher than when they got here.”

The new recruits are optimistic about their chances.

“I think I have something to prove. Everybody looks at me and says, ‘Oh, the Barbie doll’…I have a lot to show inside and a lot of rage.”

“I’m almost the man I want to be, but there’s a part I need to close up. there’s a confidence to build back, and that’s why I’m here.”

“I’m hoping to achieve a little bit of patience. I happen to be a natural leader. I usually want something done right – you have to do it yourself, and I need to drop that chip on my shoulder.”