Tom Cruise gives new life to The Mummy in the blockbuster franchise’s latest reboot.

As the Dark Universe series’ first installment, the story revolves around an ancient princess, awakened from her crypt, searching for a mysterious ruby that will bring her ultimate power.

“I am hungry as an audience to see a film like this. I want to be scared and entertained, and I want it in a way, thrilling,” Cruise said.

Just like his Mission Impossible flicks, Cruise did most of his own stunts and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love to entertain an audience, that’s what I do and it’s a privilege for me to make movies. And I’m always working hard to make a good story and the characters and push anyway I can to entertain the audience in a new way or have a fresh take on something,” Cruise said.

New Girl star Jake Johnson plays Cruise’s sidekick and joked with us how he learned hieroglyphics for the role.

“Yes, he did that. He learned how to do that,” Courtney B. Vance said.

“You give me a book, and I’ll read the whole thing. But because we don’t have it now, I guess I’ll just move on. but yes, I do know how to read it perfectly and I know how to speak it perfectly,” Johnson said.

“That’s a lot of work you did, in addition to the stunts.”

“Well, I believe as an actor, [it] is – my job is to do the research. So, I think homework is the biggest part of acting, and it’s under-credited.”

And as the ancient Egyptian princess Sofia Boutella’s biggest complaint was getting makeup ready.

“The longest makeup took about six hours, the shortest took four. And it was quite a process, all done on a massage table with six makeup artists around, poking me with tiny brushes.”