It's the most wonderful time of the year: District Realignment.

"It's like a little Christmas morning for coaches." Jake Freeman, Roscoe’s head football coach, said.

"We could open it up and it could be something that you didn't have any idea it could happen." Mitch Ables, Hawley’s head football coach, said.

"Sometimes, you don't always get what you want for Christmas." Freeman said.

"It kind of get's you started thinking about who you're playing now, and we've got our work cut out for us." Jerod Womack, Jim Ned’s head football coach, said.

A couple of West Texas teams were making a move up in district. Anson is transitioning to 3A D2.

"When you get ready for your opponent, you've got to prepare and you know, everything falls into place." Chris Hagler, Anson’s head football coach, said.

The Tigers will be in District 4. Ballinger, Bangs, Cisco, Coleman, Merkel, San Angelo Grape Creek and TLCA are their district foes.

"It's going to be not only a challenge, but something that we look forward to." Hagler said.

That 8-team district impacts another team moving up, Eastland. The Mavericks were locked in to play their bitter rival, Cisco, on week 4. But, the expansion of that district means that game will be put on hold.

"For two years, we'll have to live without playing the Loboes." James Morton, Eastland’s head football coach, said.

Eastland will have enough problems in their new district. Breckenridge, Clyde, Early, Jim Ned and Wall are formidable foes they'll have to work through.

"You can either sit and complain about it or you can go make yourself better and make your program better and the way we're looking at it is it's an opportunity to get us better as we're stepping up." Morton said.

A new district means new opportunity to foster new tradition.