Tucked away near Ballinger, TX was a piece of history.

A wooden steel structure known as the "12-Mile Bridge", off County Road 129, caught fire Sunday.

"It was a well-known spot in the community, especially for young people," June Harris Koch, a local resident, said.

Koch can remember the bridge ever since she was a little girl.

Her property, which sits adjacent to the bridge, has been in the family for generations, since the the late 1800s.

She says the bridge has held special memories for the locals as well as herself in her younger years.

"Usually when we parked on the bridge it was maybe eight kids in the car and everybody had to put their name and their boyfriends name," she said.

When Koch heard of the fire destroying the bridge she was devastated.

"I cried. Most everybody that I know that had [similar] experiences had the same reaction," she said.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire but say it's rather "suspicious" on how it caught flames.

Koch says in the past 20 years the bridge has caught a lot of foot traffic.

"In the last 20 years there has been mischief, it's kind of changed," she said.

Meanwhile, as law enforcement investigates, Koch hopes the bridge, which represented a community that has now changed with time, hopes it will never be forgotten.

"I think those of that remember the bridge would like to have had a historical marker there because it was a significant part of the community at one time," she said.