Robert Lamar Miller, arrested for allegedly murdering his wife in 2005, will be released on a personal recognizance bond. Miller was arrested back in march of this year after the remains of Michelle Miller were found at the old racetrack off of FM 2105. Our Senora Scott explains today's release

Robert Miller will be released on a PR bond, which means he just had to promise to show up for court, but there are several conditions.

He must wear an ankle monitor, be on house arrest, report daily, and have no contact with the co-defendant, his common law wife LuDonna Yoder also known as LuDonna Miller. Also, if he violates those conditions, he will be arrested and his bond will be set at $750,000.

So why is a man charged with murder being released? That's what I asked district attorney John Best.

A district attorney is in charge of reviewing evidence and police reports and deciding whether or not the case should be presented before a grand jury for indictment. District attorneys are also in charge of scheduling when that evidence is presented to the grand jury. A person must be indicted within 90 days of their arrest. Robert Miller was indicted on the 91st day.

Best told me in this case: he had the reports but needed more time to review them and it exceeded the 90 day time limit. Judge Jay Weatherby ruled that Miller had the right to be released because he was not indicted during that 90 days. And of course in court, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Best says, Miller will most likely be going back to Brady where he was living before his arrest.