We're gearing up for the second week of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo and for the ladies, it's all about the outfit. Our Senora Scott got some fashion advice from a few vendors set up at the fairgrounds.

Hazel Ochoa is with Barbed Wire and Roses and she's going to give us some fashion tips. What are some of the things people are going for this year?

“This year they're going for more of the fringe. Fringe is always big during the rodeo, and leather leggings are in too. Also, these embroidered tops are also cute, everyone is wanting them,” Ochoa said.

So, you've got your outfit almost complete, you've got one more thing to put on to finish it of, what would that be?

“Probably a hat, and jewelry. Hats and jewelry just complete an outfit,” Ochoa said.Speaking of jewelry, that is a great way to make a statement, right?

“Oh it is!” Glenda Fields with Dry Creek Trading Company said.

You've got some amazing pieces here, tell me about a few of them.

“We probably have the largest collection left in the world of dry creek turquoise. It comes out of Nevada, it did come out of Nevada but it's been gone since 2003. All of our jewelry is Native American made, we sell no imports in this booth,” Fields said.

Hand crafted, one of a kind and you're going to stand out. What's the last fashion tip you have for people looking for that special item?

“Oh just come out to the rodeo and they'll find it somewhere,” Fields said.