A problem in Tom Green County is a good thing in another. Our senora Scott took a trip to Runnels County to find out why.

“We're contracted to house 12 from Tom Green County,” Runnels County Sheriff Carl Squyres said.

Overcrowding in the Tom Green County jail is costing them, but at the same time has a positive effect in Ballinger.

"We're currently housing for five counties, that's Menard, Concho, Coke, Tom Green, and Coleman," Squyres said.

"The inmates coming in from all those other counties, does that benefit you?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes, it brings a pretty good bit of money into Runnels County," Squyres said

A little known fact, jails don't receive money from the state. The funding comes from the county that they're in and other sources of income; like housing inmates from other areas.

"What is your max capacity in the Runnles County Jail?" I asked.
"Eighty-seven," Squyres said

Though the inmates in the runnels county jail don't reach that number, each bed filled helps when it comes to operations. However Sheriff Carl Squyres is also quick to credit the staff and support from the county.

"It was opened in 1999, but as you can tell it's been very well taken care of and that's thanks to the commissioners and again, our jail staff," Squyres said

"What is something that you wish people knew about your jail?" I asked.

"Well I just wish that they understood that, these jailers and the administration out here help keep the bad people away from them and where they should be. And it's a thankless job and they don't get the credit that they deserve and I would just like the citizens to know that and maybe let them know every now and then, ‘Hey thanks for what you do," Squyres said