Locals remember where they were when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated and how his legacy continues to live on.

"He spoke for all of us to come together and to make this country great," said Mechelle Grooms-Reed, San Angelo resident. "It's a time to reflect, it's a time to think, and to teach our young people what this is all about." Reed said.

Dr. King was a normal man, doing the unexpected.

"Everything that he did was counter or contrary to what the world would of expected," said Theodore Boone. "The world would have expected him to be ready to engage in conflict, but he engaged in peace." Boone said.

2018 marks 50 years since Dr. King's assassination at his Lorraine motel room in Memphis, Tennessee.

"50 years we have been talking about a dream, but have we lived the dream?" Boone said.