A San Angelo native returned to spread his mother’s ashes at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

Ron Cichon, an Army veteran, visited the base on November 6th to fulfill his late mother’s wish. That wish, to have her ashes spread in the city where she began her journey with her husband.

Her ashes were spread in the location where the old theater at the base was located before it was torn down. Cichon says that place was special to his mother because it was a place her and her husband would spend a lot of their time while in San Angelo.

Cichon's father, Louis Cichon, was a staff sergeant stationed at Goodfellow Airforce Base during the World War ll era. His mother, Betty Jane Cichon moved to San Angelo while he was stationed at GFAB.

Cichon’s parents met in Chicago and later moved to San Angelo while his father was in training. The family later relocated back to the Windy City. Cichon used his G.I. Bill to attend the University of Illinois in Chicago.

“I did not go into the Air Force because at the time we were in the Vietnam War, and I did not agree with that war,” said Cichon, “but I was later drafted to Germany and spent two years there.”

Cichon’s mother passed away in April 2017. His father passed away in June 2017.