Police Chief Frank Carter says this new unit is not about responding to crime but rather preventing it.

"Over the last several years we've seen vehicle burglaries and theft increase so we wanted to put a unit together that focuses on that particular crime,” said Carter.

Assistant Chief Tracy Fincher says the anti-crime unit or ACU is meant to catch criminals red-handed right before they break the law.

"We'll also be attempting to pattern different types of crimes and see if we can interrupt some as they occur and before they occur," said Fincher.

Many crimes that police see in San Angelo include burglary, theft, and robbery.

"In a lot of these crimes weapons are left behind in vehicle burglaries and often times those weapons are getting into the wrong hands of gang members who are committing more serious crimes," said Carter.

He says citizens are the extra pair of eyes and ears for law enforcement and we can all do our part in preventing crime by being vigilant, locking our cars, and hiding our belongings.

"Many time we're dealing with the same offenders that are actually committing these crimes and some of them have warrants out for their arrest," said Carter.

Assistant Chief David Howard says there are things police look for when detecting suspicious activity.

"These are people prowling neighborhoods at night, they're dressed in black often times or carrying backpacks and they're looking to take people’s property," said Howard.

Chief Carter says the ultimate goal is to reduce crime and as the police force increases in man power he hopes more crime can be prevented.